Pricing Information

Our rides and attractions are pay-as-you-play, which means you only have to pay for what you're going to enjoy! Just load up your Play Card and off you go!



Prices are per driver, per race

Thunder Speedway

$10 to drive | FREE to ride

NasKart (CLOSED)

$8 to drive | FREE to ride


$8 to drive


Rides & Attractions

Prices are per person, per ride/game


Fun Slide (CLOSED)

Batting Cages (20 pitches)


Frog Hopper | Tubs of Fun

Mini Ferris Wheel


Mini Bowling | Tilt-A-Whirl

Buzzy's Spin Out | Scrambler


Hologate VR | Twist N Shout

Mini Golf (FREE for Guests 3 Years or Younger)

NEW XD Dark Ride


Girl in Laser Tag.jpg

Laser Tag


Fun Land (122).jpeg

Clip 'n Climb


Climb as long as you'd like, just don't exit the climbing area!

Arcade Games


Prices are per person, per game


$0.75 - $3.00

Video Games

Require a Play Card or Ride & Play PLUS wristband to activate.

Video Games are identified with a BLUE card/wristband scanner.


$0.50 - $5.00

Ticket/Prize Games

Ticket/prize games require a Play Card with Play Value to activate, get tokens or receive e-Tickets for prizes.

Riding Fun Slide Close Up.jpg

Play Cards or Wristbands are required
for all Games & Attractions

You can add Play Value onto a Play Card or Wristband. Play Cards are free to guests of Fun Land and any amount can be added. Play Value never expires.

For safe keeping of your E-Tickets & Play Value, register your Play Card at one of our Kiosks.