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Amusement Park Rides

Kids and families will love these timeless favorites like spinning tea cups, scrambler and tilt-a-whirl. Our indoor rides are open during regular operating hours and our outdoor rides have their own schedule, which is also dependent on weather conditions.

Indoor Rides

These family-friendly rides are located inside Fun Land of Fredericksburg, so you'll have plenty of fun - rain or shine!


Indoor Spinning Roller Coaster

Add some extra thrill to your Fun Land visit! Taka a spin, if you know what we mean, on our family-friendly spinning coaster.

  • Must be at least 36" tall

  • No loose articles

Buzzy's Spin Out

Bumper Cars with a Twist!

Bump and smash with this upgraded version of your classic bumper car ride.

  • Must be at least 44" tall

  • One person per car

We've said goodbye to our old friend, Himalaya. Are you ready for this immersive, multi-sensory experience?

  • Must be at least 40 inches tall

  • Up to 8 players per experience

XD Dark Ride

Jump into a completely enclosed basket and float nearly 20 feet in the air.

  • Must be between 32" and 54"

  • Up to two kids per car

  • Suggested age: at least 3 years

Ferris Wheel

Slowly rise to an indoor second story view of park, then bounce back down on this mini drop tower.

  • Must be 36" and 4 years old

  • Up to seven riders

Frog Hopper


Outdoor Rides

Our outdoor rides have a little more oomph and will give you a breath of fresh air as you race and spin around! Please be aware that our outdoor attractions operate during specific hours and are dependent on weather.

Round Up

Thrill seekers, this is a ride for you!

Take a wild ride on our ultimate thrill attraction that rotates at a speed that will keep you standing without the need of a harness! Hang on as you spin at a 70-degree angle 25 feet in the air!

Ride Details

  • Holds up to 24 passengers per ride

  • About 2.5 minute ride

Rider Requirements

  • Riders must be at least 46" tall

  • Riders must be able to keep their feet on the floor and body in a standing position for the entire ride.

Fun Slide

A giant family-friendly slide

Start 30 feet in the air then race down three hills for nearly 100 feet.

  • Must be at least 42" tall or accompanied by an adult (18+)

Hop in a tub and prepare to spin round and round. It's unpredictable!

  • Must be at least 48" to ride alone or 36" with companion

  • Up to four riders per tub


Hang on as you're whipped around at speeds close to 25 mph!

  • Must be at least 48" to ride alone or 36" with companion

  • Up to three riders per car


Turn the center wheel and make your ride a dizzying dream!

  • Must be at least 42" to ride alone or 30" with an adult

  • Up to six riders per cup

Tea Cups

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